The ‘Wellness Centre’ at Arka offers treatments such as ayurvedic massage, reiki, lomilomi, body logic and deep tissue massage, yogic healing massage, Thai yoga massage, craniosacral therapy acupuncture and physiotherapy. In addition it provides well-care/beauty in the form of facials, manicure & pedicure.
Arka (‘meaning Ray of Light’) is a holistic centre which aims to foster health, growth and progress on all levels — the key to remaining young regardless of one’s age. While there is a special focus on meeting the needs of the elder population in Auroville, the services provided are open to all, with emphasis on enabling people to grow and remain active indefinitely.


Convalescence and guest facilities are also provided. Arka’s activities aim to integrate all ages so all can benefit from the contact and exchange opportunities provided. Voluntary workers are welcome to participate in Arka’s activities, gardens & maintenance work.


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beauty treatment
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