Arka is unit under Health Healing Trust of Auroville. It is an innovative social project of Auroville which wants to redefine the concept of aging as described by the Mother. We have published a book on this subject called Eternal Youth.

Arka is a holistic centre creating an environment in which seniors can dedicate themselves to the inner work pertaining to their particular stage in life, while sustaining a healthy, balanced and harmoni­ous lifestyle. Arka aims to keep people healthy and active for as long as possible. The project has chosen to address a particular facet of the total problem con­cerning the ageing process by providing means for postponing and preventing the need for the kind of care that can only be provided by a hospital, medical centre or hospice.


Goals & Objectives

We believe that keeping people active and healthy is one of the main keys to being well, and staying young:

Health is the “art of wellness” (Feel good, look great).
Good health, physical and mental, is essential for happiness.
One should be healthy from doing Sadhana.
Elders can be young.
These are some of the concepts we think need to be emphasized and encouraged when thinking about how to assist and collaborate with elderly people in Auroville. We also believe that treating people medically is not always the proper or only solution to physical problems. We believe that inte¬grating people of different ages is an answer also to the problem of loneliness that comes with old age.

Our Main Objectives

To find out what people need when they are growing old and based on what the needs are to then try to find responses to meet them. It must be an individual flexible approach within a general framework.
To provide the space for programs that will avoid isolation of senior Aurovilians by help­ing them to remain active.
To create activities that assist in the healing process, and to provide an atmosphere for cre­ating a positive attitude towards life.
To provide educational opportunities for the rural women and young adults employed by Arka.


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